This is the site of Jacob Essex, a undergraduate programmer from the UK currently studying Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. I have about 4 'hobbyist' years of experience with C++ and PHP (But I am competent with far more languages than just those two) and am currently learning Haskell.

I am currently going through some of the problems on Project Euler and adding the more interesting solutions here, ignoring the ones like Problem 25, which have exceedingly obvious 2 line solutions. It tends to be the very maths based ones rather than the programming ones that I am adding at the moment as I find the pure maths ones far more elegant that the problems that I throw CPU power at.

I am also an active member of StackOverflow, a major programming Q and A site.
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(The purple avatar is an 'Identicon', which is a image based on the hash of my email address. I think it is an amazing way of having default avatars, and when I have more time I am planning to take a look at an implementation, mainly as I am interested in the conversion from hash to image)